Friday, June 11, 2010

Winesdays at Stella Boutique Miami

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These days, it’s hard to find cute affordable clothing on a poor unemployed bloggers budget. Especially living in Brickell, where there is a lack of shopping options available and no malls within a 5 mile radius.

My friend K Lee discovered a great find in Downtown Miami for a quick clothes fix. Just over the bridge and a 5 minute drive from Brickell, Stella Boutique is located on 1800 Biscayne Blvd. Their monthly Wine & Cheese Wednesdays, which we went to this past week was a great chance to catch up with the girls while shopping for some really fantastic clothes.

As we munched on the complimentary cupcakes and drank our Reisling, we found some great finds. Beautiful hand-dyed maxi dresses, must-have rompers and tons of gorgeous print tops. My favorite finds? The amazing accessories! From funky headbands, beaded necklaces, chunky bracelets and much more there is definitely something for everyone.

The best part of the night? The 20% discount we received on full-priced items just for coming to the event. You know how much Brickell Bitch loves a good deal and this was no exception. We will definitely be returning next month!

To receive information on Stella Boutique, make sure to join their Facebook group: “Stella Boutique Miami” to receive info on future events.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That's what friends are for at Sushi Sake

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Last Thursday, my boyfriend N and I set off to have a nice quiet dinner in Brickell. N loves sushi so I suggested we try Sushi Sake which just opened in the CVS shopping center on 8th Street. We walked in and were seated immediately in a one-sided booth. So far so good.

We decide to start off with a seaweed salad and some edamame. The seaweed salad was perfect… nice and crunchy but the edamame was not as tender as we liked. The waitress Julissa then came over and we asked her for some recommendations. She gave us a great hint… order the Vanessa roll, which isn’t on the menu. It’s named after Vanessa, the daughter of the owner of the restaurant. This roll was so good that we ordered a second one. We also decided to get an Angel roll minus the cream cheese which was also delicious.

The food was great and Brickell Bitch is happy, until all of a sudden we hear an announcement that it’s Karaoke night! There goes our quiet dinner. We had no idea when we came in that this was tonight. Unfortunately there was a Bachelorette party there (on a Thursday night??) who decided to sing one horrible song after another. This includes “Girls just want to have fun,” and “That’s what friends are for.” Talk about a mood killer. Not to mention the fact that our one sided booth was actually on the left hand side of the “stage.”

Apparently we weren’t the only ones caught off guard. On our way out we noticed an uncomfortable couple eating their food quietly. Definitely a first date.

Pros: The Vanessa roll, seaweed salad and the owner who came over to introduce himself.

Cons: They charge $1 for Eel sauce and Spicy Mayo. Also don’t go on Thursdays unless you love to Karaoke. It won't be quiet.

Sushi Sake is located at 261 SW 8th Street.