Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is shopping really a pleasure?

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As I sit here and munch on my last bag of microwave popcorn, I realize it has become official:

I have nothing to eat in my apartment!

I guess it’s time to go to Publix.

I get in my car and am forced to make a decision… which Publix should I go to? In case you don’t know, Brickell residents have 3 Publix locations within .6 miles of each other. Yes, I mapquested it! So which one should I choose? I weigh my options carefully…

The Publix on the Miami River that's on 7th Street is definitely out. They never have any items in stock and I don’t like going there by myself. This location is known to be a little sketchy and I don’t want to deal with that.

So my other two choices are the Publix in Mary Brickell Village that just opened last year or the location on 13th Street near Blockbuster. Each has their positives and negatives. The Publix in Mary Brickell is nice and clean, has convenient parking in the garage, and is within walking distance to my apartment. The negatives? It’s really small in Publix standards, has zero cell phone reception and I was once sold some bad scallops from the seafood counter. Then there is the location on 13th. It’s pretty old, the parking lot is a death trap and the aisles are narrow and cramped. Plus, it’s always super crowded for some reason, even in the middle of the day which is when I like to shop. I must admit, their deli is much better than any of the alternative choices and they are constantly refilling the cooked food section.

The reality is that shopping at any of the Publix locations in Brickell is not always a pleasure. I decided to go to the Publix in Mary Brickell Village because it’s much quieter and quite frankly, I’m a girl that likes to shop in peace.

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